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Mark Gillies

Why ManCo digital transformation doesn’t need to be a big bang

Reading the LinkedIn article shared by Francois-Kim Huge (Deloitte) titled “2021 is the year of technology transformation for management companies”, I considered why it has not been the year of ManCoTech before now. The reluctance of ManCos to embrace digital … Read More


Why fund firms should be realistic in their approach to technology

The fund industry needs a technology upgrade, but the complexity and risk of failure can deter decisive action. Smaller fund firms need a realistic plan and assessment of their needs before the first steps are taken toward implementation. Customers of the … Read More


Evaluating risk is not the end of the process

Since the global financial crisis, there has been an increased focus on systemic and idiosyncratic risks in the banking sector. Far less attention has been paid to evaluating and reducing risks in the asset management industry, but in the European … Read More

Regulatory change

Asset managers & ongoing regulatory change

How asset managers can shoulder the burden of ongoing regulatory change With the next European Commission starting to set out its own financial regulation agenda, asset managers who are still in the process of adapting to a range of new … Read More


Due Diligence of delegates – A Burden?

Due diligence of delegates – when the burden of reporting turns into a valuable business tool. In August 2018, Luxembourg’s financial regulator tightened the substance, reporting and compliance rules for funds domiciled in the grand duchy. While the new rules … Read More