Research for an agent

In the sub menu of the components there is the section ‘agents’. In this section the user can define its own search criteria and press the button ‘Search’ or get the agent list belonging to such criteria. To show the details of an agent, the user can click on the agent.
Contractual agent
A contractual agent is defined in the details tab of an agreement via a specific field ‘Contractual Agent’.
The agents details can be looked up in the agent screen under the tab ‘Details’.

Agent History

In this screen the user can see if an agent is or has been attached to a head agent or not. A Head Agent is also an agent but is placed above the agent in the hierarchy.

If this is the case, the reference of the Head Agent can be viewed in the section Head Agent.

In the section Setup Sub agents, the user can define a list of subagents.

To create sub-agents in this section, the user needs to press the ‘Add’ button, define the start and end date (if applicable) and select an agent amongst the agents’ setup in the system.

Portfolio History

This screen lists the portfolios which are or have been attached to an agent.

To add portfolios the user presses the ‘Add’ button and enters the required information:

For a modification the pen needs to be clicked and for a deletion the cross

Payment instructions

The payment instructions of an agent must be imported. These can be viewed in RCP but are not editable in RCP.

Transaction report

This report shows the list of transactions of the portfolios attached to an agent.

Stock report

This report shows the number of shares per product at a given date in the past.

The user needs to enter the reference date, the currency and the trade basis. After clicking on the button ‘View Report’ the results will show up on the screen. The report can be exported in various formats.