Hierarchy of portfolios

In this tab the user can see the hierarchy of portfolios and their links to agents and investors. By putting % in the search criteria the full hierarchy is shown.

By making use of the filters the agents, investors and portfolios can be shown within a hierarchy. To extend the choices proposed the user can click on the cross within the hierarchy. To select the user needs to tick the relevant box.

The system manages the history of links between portfolios and agents/investors.

The filter allows selecting the hierarchy at a given date.

HOP Groups

HOP groups allow the configuration of complex HOP structures. They act as a placeholder for the full hierarchy. Within a HOP group it is not possible to exclude levels within a hierarchy. Whatever level of hierarchy was selected to be part of the HOP group will bring ALL underlying settings with it.

HOP groups can be created in the menu Agreement components /‘HOP groups.  Via pressing the ‘Add’ button the user can create a new HOP group and assign name, code and description.

After saving the details, the user can access via the hyperlink ‘View details’ to a screen where he can assign member to the HOP Group.

Via the Add button the user is directed to the screen where he can search for HOP Groups members and define start and -if applicable- end date of the link to the group.

Once the selection is finished the HOP group detail screen will show a list of HOP members.

When the set up is finished and approved by another user, it is possible to refer to the HOP groups in the calculation settings. They can be mixed with the classic HOPs.

From the report menu it is possible to extract the existing HOP groups.