An investor represents the source of an investment. It may be a person or entity. An investor can be linked to portfolios

Research for an investor

To search an investor, the user can either enter a code or name as search criteria or press directly ‘search’ to show all investors . Investors can only be imported.

Contact details

This screen holds the contact details of the investor. This data can only be imported.

Portfolio history

In the history the user can see to which portfolios an investor is and/or has been attached in the past. It is also possible to create a new link portfolio/investor in this screen.

An investor can be attached to multiple portfolios at the same time. Therefore the end date is not mandatory for the link to a portfolio.

Transaction report

This report shows the list of transactions of the portfolios attached. To view the transactions the user needs to select the start and end date and press the button ‘View Report’. The transactions will show in the result list. The report can be exported in various formats.


This tab shows to which agreements the investor is linked and/or has been linked in the past.

Holdings report

This report shows the number of shares per product at a given date in the past. The user needs to enter the reference date, the currency and the trade basis. After clicking on the button ‘View Report’ the results will show up on the screen. The report can be exported in various formats.