The RCP menus have been designed for easy navigation. On top of the screen the menu sections can be found. Via a mouse-over the  sub-menus become visible:


Navigation via breadcrumbs

Within the menus the user can see breadcrumbs showing the past pages that have been visited.

These “path-based” breadcrumbs show the history of visited pages and begins with a selection from the top menu being the first point in the breadcrumb chain. Each subsequent page selected becomes a “link” in the chain.

Each time you select an item from the top menu your history chain will be re-set and the selection will become the first link in the breadcrumb chain.

Selecting a link from a visited page will replace the current page with the selected page and add link to the end of the breadcrumb chain at the top of the page. Selecting the back button will return you to the previous page. It must be noted that any changed data needs to be saved as the back button will act as the previous “close page” in the popup version and not warn the user. 

If you select the link that is already existing in the breadcrumb chain, the intermediate links will be deleted from the chain and you return to the page you selected. This functionality avoids having circular links. You can also select any link from the chain and navigate directly to the page.

Currently we support 5 links in the breadcrumb chain (via configuration file) and the client can adjust this number. If you exceed the number of five links, the chain will simply rotate the leftmost link off the breadcrumb chain, but it will reappear if you delete links from the right.


  • Breadcrumbs start with the selected item from the menu
  • Selecting from the menu will overwrite any existing breadcrumb chain and start a new one
  • Each new page selected from the current page will replace the current page and become the next link in the breadcrumb history
  • The back button will appear from the second page selected and pressing it will return the user to the previous page
  • Each link in the breadcrumb chain can be select and this will erase the history to the right (selected after) of the link
  • The number of links shown is 5 (via configuration) and when a 5th is selected it rotates off the page but is not lost and will return if the number of links returns to 4 or less
  • If you select a link from a page that already exists in the chain then RCP will return to that link and the links in between will be lost

Entering data

Most of the data can be either imported or manually entered. Some data can only be imported.

Mandatory/Optional fields Amongst the data manually entered, there are optional and mandatory fields. The user can identify mandatory field by the red star.