In this tab the user can

  • Enter the certificate details
  • Manage the certificates awaiting validation
  • Find all existing certificates

Research of a certificate

To search for a certificate the user can use the filters or search for all certificates by pressing directly the ‘Search’ button. 

Creation of a certificate

A certificate can only be created for a portfolio where the receipt of a certificate is required see section Certificates.

There are two possibilities to create a certificate:

– By import

– Press the ‘Add’ button in the certificate list. An empty certificate template will be created – Go to the list of portfolios and press the plus icon in front of the portfolio

Create a clone for an existing certificate. To do so the user can create one via the hyperlink from the certificate list and press ‘Copy’.

As a next step the certificate period needs to be selected.

For a clone, the number of shares is copied from the source certificate.

Import of certificates

The certificates can be created via import by pressing the ‘Import’ button in the list of attestations.

The user can then browse for the file to be uploaded and press ‘Import’ again.

The file must be in the format defined for RCP upload. The user can access a template in the defined format in this area.

Entering certificates

The user then needs to enter the certificate details:

  • Reception date
  • Holdings date basis
  • Document link

In the body of the certificate the user will see the following information:

  • The number of shares in RCP by product
  • The number of shares in the parent portfolio in RCP
  • The number of shares  on the certificate
  • The difference left to be reconciled

Reconciliation of differences

To reconcile the differences the user has several options Holding transfer from parent portfolio via the button

Holding transfer to the parent to another portfolio  

Holding transfer to another portfolio

Depending on the portfolio context there might not be all options available. To save the entries and any reconciliation done, the user needs to press the save button.

When the encoding of the certificate information is terminated, the user can set the certificate status to ‘Set input as completed’

Another user can then validate or reject the certificate.

All payments for portfolios which require certificates are blocked at status simulated until all certificates have been created and validated.