Cube Processing

The (Olap) cube is using as a reporting tool by some RCP users/clients.

Whilst the update of the cube is usually set up as an automated task within the overnight process, the user might wish occasionally to refresh the data because on the same day data has been updated which should be part of the reporting via the cube.

Via the RCP menu Processes/Cube processing the user (with sufficient access rights) has access to a manual refresh option. 

Three buttons are available:

Does only update the screen for history of cube refresh. This enable the user to see for example if a refresh process has changed status (e.g. has ended)

Refresh Information :

The user can see within a list format which user has launched when a cube refresh and what the current status of the refresh process is.

Launch Cube refresh :

The process searches only for updates since the last refresh and updates this data only.

Launch Cube full refresh :

This process will rebuilt the Cube entirely. Therefore the process is taking longer than the process described before.