GDPR purge requests

Due to GDPR regulation there must be a functionality to identify and purge data in RCP. The scope where data is purged is limited to ;

  • Agreement : Code and name, Payment instructions, Contact details
  • Portfolio: Code and name
  • Sub-Portfolio, code and name

Any purge data is replaced by ‘Purged dd/mm/yyyy).

Purge requests can be initiated either manually or via import ( file mapping required prior usage of this option) . Imported data is assumed to be cross-checked prior import and hence there is no further validation required. The data is purged and irrecoverable (incl audit trails) after the import. Nevertheless RCP will (more details later in this section) is automatically created by the system.

Manual purge requests can be initiated via the screen Processes / Manual purge requests. Here the user can enter either code or name of a sub-portfolio/portfolio/agreement in the search screen. Upon pressing the search button the search results will appear.

From the result screen the user can identify line-by-line if:

  • There are remaining holding on the sub-portfolio/portfolio/agreement
  • There are remaining payments or reinvestments
  • There are payment instructions available on agreement level
  • Date of last transaction
  • Purge date if applicable

If the items does fit the criteria defined below:

The user can see a ‘create purge request’ button. By using it the items will become available in the pending purge screen. The aim of this screen is to ensure four eyes validation. The items in there are either manual requests or for sub-portfolios where the portfolio was part of an automated purge request.

The user requesting the purge has only a ‘cancel’ option on the item. Other users can either approve or reject. Approval leads to an immediate and irrecoverable purge of the underlying data and audit trail.