This tab enables the user to filter Reinvestments by period, status, agreement etc.

Pressing the ‘Search’ button launches the research and refreshes the result list. It is possible to view all the reinvestments by pressing directly the ‘Search’ button.

Reinvestment export

The export of a Reinvestment will trigger the production of a file which will facilitate the deal creation for reinvestments in GFAS.

Reinvestment status

Status information is equal to the status used for payments (see previous chapter)

Reinvestment accounting status

The accounting status of a reinvestment will allow to trace whether a reinvestment deal has been placed and if yes – under which deal date and deal reference. To this purpose the relevant information needs to be imported. Alternatively the user is able to manually flag reinvestments as ‘reinvested’ but in this case the deal date and deal reference are missing. If correction is required, the user can roll back the status from ‘reinvested’ to ‘not reinvested’.

The user can see the result of this import in the reinvestment list. Via the filter accounting status the user can filter immediately on the status.

The reinvestments follow the same validation process as the payments. The value date for reinvestments is calculated with the same logic as reinvestments.

They can also be exported to become part of a ‘reinvestment file’.

Reinvestment export

The reinvestments can be exported as well. The export can be launched via the export button on the reinvestment screen. The file format in which these are generated can be defined in the entity menu under entity properties