To reconcile the settlements entered, the user needs to access the reconciliation screen via the hyperlink in the settlement reference.

On top of the screen the details have to be found in the upper part of the screen.

On the left side of the screen the user can find the invoices which potentially match the settlement. By default, only invoices IN non reconciled and issues from agreements where the contractual agents from the settlement is linked. The list of invoices can be adapted by modification or use of the filters. If the user has identified one or more invoices to be reconciled, he can select the tickbox in front of the invoice(s) and press the button ‘Add selected items’ to add them on the settlement reconciliation.

This adds the invoice(s) to the right side of the screen where they are matched to the settlement.

In the reconciliation area the user can enter the amount from the settlement he does wish to match against the invoice. This amount can be all or a part of the settlement.

In case an invoice has been matched by error to a settlement, the matched amount should be modified to a negative amount or by pressing the cross for ‘delete’.

The user can then save the entries. The details of the settlement on top of the screen will be automatically updated.

Update invoice status to paid

During the reconciliation, when the amount left to be paid of an invoice IN is zero, RCP will automatically progress the invoice status to ‘paid’.

Update payment status to paid

When all the invoices linked to a payment IN are on status ‘Paid’, the user can update manually the payment status of the payment IN to ‘paid’.