Transfer of holdings

This functionality transfers shares from one portfolio to another. These portfolios need to belong to the same transfer agency.

Creation of a holding transfer

On the upper part of the screen the user can find the search filters, on the bottom part the last 100 transfers carried out.

To initiate a transfer of parts, the user must first select the transfer date and trade basis; then identifies the source and destination portfolio. After pressing the ‘Search’ button the user can see the number of shares per product on source and destination portfolio. The user can enter the number of units to transfer and then press ‘Transfer’ in order to launch the holding transfer.

The user then receives the following message:

Another user needs to validate the transfer. To do so the user shall access the menu ‘Pending Transfers’ see below.

Pending Transfers

This screen contains filter to facilitate the search. The user can select search criteria or search for all transfer by pressing ‘Search’ without any filter criteria.

The transfers awaiting validation have a colour code:

Green: There are enough shares on the source portfolio to create the transfer.

Red: There are not enough shares in the source portfolio to carry out the transfer. In this case the transfer cannot be validated until the source portfolio contains enough shares

To validate/reject the transfer the user needs to press ‘Approve’/’Reject‘.