Email report distribution

The report distribution allows to distribute reports via email to dedicated email addresses. To be part of the email distribution the reports need to be enabled first.

Settings on entity level

For setting up email distribution, the user needs to create first an item on entity level under the tab report distribution via the add button:

The screen opens up and allows to create an email template

– from address

– default bcc address

– Subject line

– body text

– signature

– email encryption

The user can use the available placeholders to set variables in the text which would then be automatically filled with the relevant data for the period/ agreement/ agent etc

The item is automatically active upon creation but can be disabled later.

From the list of attachments, the user can select one or multiple items from the proposed list of reports enabled.

The email attachments can be encrypted. To do so there is a versioning so that it is possible to trace which passwords where used when. The encryption will the the same for all emails created for this report distribution item.

Settings on agreement level

Within the agreement menu, in the tab report distribution, the user needs to set up the recipient detail for the email sending via the add button :

The drop down under distribution will list the names of items created on entity level. For each item dedicated email address(es) can be used. Multiple addresses need to be comma seperated.

All recipients will receive the same email body and attachments as defined but specific to the agreement in context.

Managing bulk release from processes menu

In the processes menu under ‘Report distribution’ the user can create a bulk release or view the history of items being sent.

The history of items is available via hyperlink ‘view history’.

The history provides the date and time send, the list of agreements (via hyperlink view details) and the number of email sent

The user can prepare a bulk release of emails with attachments related to payments or reinvestments which have been exported since the last bulk, so this may be a mix of adjustments of one or multiple previous payments and payments/reinvestment for the just expired period. To do so the user can go to the processes menu and select the item for which the bulk needs to be prepared and press the button ‘Prepare bulk release’.

The bulk list will contain all items of the report type which have been exported since the last bulk release

The user can choose between the pre-selected format or replace it by a customized attachment. To add a customised attachment the use needs to select this option and use the browse button to search for the relevant item. Once identified this can be selected and imported

The exclude option allows to take out an item from the bulk release.

It is possible to save the bulk sending list as draft or to send it for approval. Pending lists awaiting approval can be found in the processes  menu under

Report distribution pending approval list

Once after validation of the pending items the bulk is released for email sending. The history of bulk sending can be viewed in the Report distribution list via the hyperlink next to the item name