Entities can be edited/created or deleted in this screen.

To add a new entity the user needs to press the ‘Add’ button and fill in the required information.

During the creation of an entity a certain number of default parameters can be set up. These defaults facilitate the creation of agreement and grids.

In this menu some RCP functions can be made available for an entity:

  • Include entry and exit fees in outgoing retrocession payments
  • Allow absence of contact details and payment instructions for the generation of payments
  • Calculation of transaction fees
  • Manual payment creation  
  • Automatic validation of certificates

Invoice Settings

The user can create or amend the header, footer and logo used for invoices. For this purpose he can access the data via the entity settings in the tab ‘Invoice settings’.

As soon as the new values/Images are saved, they will be applied to all invoices which are prior to the status ‘exported’.

Manage minimum amount for outgoing payments

It is possible to set a minimum amount per payment currency. Below this amount any payment will remain in the status ‘retained’ and will not be taken into account for any provisioning.

The user can however release the payment into the ‘normal’ processing flow. To do so he can select the payment in the payment list and press the button ‘release’. The payment will then progress to the status simulated or draft depending on the circumstances.