This screen manages the existing services and allows creation of new ones.

To create a service the user needs to press the ‘Add’ button and enter name, code and the description of the service. It is also required to provide the frequency. Depending on the entries made, the calculation parameters available for the service will be made available.

For the accounting department a code and category can be entered.

In the Invoice column the user can define the details to be shown on the invoice for this service. To do the user must press on the references (see ‘Fields available’) proposed to add them to the selection.  The order within the description field drives the order on the invoice. In case the box for invoice grouping is selected, the results will be grouped on the invoice. Simplified mode is a special treatment at service level

For some agreements for payments OUT, the calculated fees in calculation mode ‘Fee distribution’ are fully paid out. This is due to the fact that the calculation of the entitlement is so complex that the amount to be retroceeded is supplied within the incoming file (instead of a base amount and a retrocession rate). This process is called ‘simplified mode’. There are dedicated services which only exist in this mode.

Simplified mode implies a 100% retrocession of the retrocession amount provided in the incoming file for ‘Fee distribution’. Therefore if this option is ticked the user does not need to enter a fee rate or fee base in the calculation set.  The simplified mode can only be used for services which have an ad-hoc frequency.