Security Groups

Security Groups

These groups can be used to manage user rights per entity.

Four different rules are available: Reader (read-only), Executive, Supervisor, and Manager.

These roles are available for Transfer agency and Retrocession teams. Depending to which team a user is assigned, the rights for the role type might not be the same. For example a Retro Team Executive can have more rights than a TA team Executive. To attach the security team to a profile the user must have an ‘Administrator’ profile. The administrator can enter the security team name as defined in the active directory. The permissions belong to the user with regards to the group he has been assigned to.  

The underlying permissions are preconfigured during the RCP implementation. They are defined by functionality, team and role. 

In the dashboard the approval portlet lists the approval for each user defined. This list is fed and updated from the active directory via daily synchronisation. It is possible to refresh the list manually by pressing the button: «Active Directory Synchronisation».