The fund menu has 4 submenus:

– Fund Promoters

– Funds

– Sub Funds

– Products

Fund Promoter

The fund promoter menu allows to create, edit and delete Fund Promoters.

Creation is done via the add butoon on top of the list.

Modification and deletion via the option icon.

The underlying screen allows to enter or edit :

– Fund promoter code

– Fund promoter name

– Fund promoter logo

The tab main contact allows to enter a contact for the fund promoter.


The funds tab allows to view, edit and delete funds. Fund creation is working only via import.

Further contacts (other then the main contact) can be created, modified and deleted in the contacts tab.

FSO offers the possibility to set up a workflow for an AGM invitation and electronic vote.

AGM workflow for Funds

Such workflow can be set up in the configuration and be attached via the menus Fund promoter, then selecting one fund in edit mode. Then the workflow tab comes up. The summary of the AGM workflow including results in then accessible in the tab annual meeting.


The SubFund menu has a search facility to search for a specific Subfund.

On top of the SubFunds list there is an add button to add new SubFunds to the list.

The fund name in the SubFund menu will link the SubFund to the Fund and make such link accessible as well via the fund page.

Existing entries can be edited or delete via the option icon.

The SubFund Detail menu which is available via the edit option holds the SubFund properties

Further tables in the details screen relate to activities, share classes and holdings.

To create activities or share classes, the add button is available. Existing entries can be modified or deleted via the option icon.

Holdings can only be imported.


The products screen holds Share Class properties. On top of the Share Class is the Add button to create new Share Classes to be linked to the fund. Existing Share Classes can be modified and deleted via the options icon next to each share class.

With the option icon the details option leads to the Share Class Details

Multiple Share Class sections are available in the Share Class Details. For easy navigation the sections are listed in the menu on the left side. These allow quick navigation by clicking on the section name.

Holdings can be found in the holdings tab of the share class. Holdings can only be imported