KPI Report

If KPI’s have been set up and received for a role, a KPI report can be pulled in this menu option. The user first needs to define the report filters.

The report will be shown as a scorecard which reminds the threshold settings and the rating of each stakeholder per category:

By default, the report is run across all stakeholders within the same role.


FSO is designed to import and export data from and to externals sources.

The import/export options can be found in the processes menu under the option Import/Export.

A drop down for both stakeholders and Individuals shows the available areas. The user can then select whether the data set is to be imported or exported.

 Within the import section there are two options available:

– import the selected data set

– download template for the selected data set.

The template download provides an xlsx document template which can be used for this specific import.

Session monitor

The session monitor traces any import or export from and to FSO. The user has the possibility to use the free search functionality to identify a specific event. Furthermore, via the radio buttons, the user can filter for warnings and/or potential attachments.

The results list can be sorted via the arrows on top of each column:

If there is an error for an entry, the user may click on this line to access further information. The top line will refer to the event itself. Below there is the detail of steps which are part of this specific process. The processing step causing the error is flagged with MessageType ‘Error’.  The MessageType ‘Warning’ refers to a situation where the process is not entirely blocked but some warning has been triggered.