Target Market & KYD

FIN|SIGHT mission statement:

Through engaging with customers, prospects and regulators, FIN|SOFT identified the need for a new solution which could assist asset managers and distributors manage where and how their products are being sold. We believe that oversight can only be achieved via a multi-pronged approach:

  • Analysis of Quantitative data (for example, sales data: inflows & outflows…).
  • Analysis of Qualitative data (for example, questionnaires, complaints…).
  • Review of Distribution channels
  • Review of Distribution strategy

FIN|SIGHT was developed with this in mind.

The solution for Target Market & Distributor Due Diligence

New regulations are transforming how asset managers oversee their target markets and distributors – MIFID II, CSSF Circular 18/698…Regulators need to ensure that asset managers can answer the following questions:

  • Who is selling your products?
  • Are they selling your products to the correct investors?
  • Can you evidence your due diligence over your target markets and distributors?

Digitising the due diligence of your Target Markets and fund distributors is essential to meet regulatory requirements. However, there are also commercial benefits such as improved relationships with distributors and a better understanding of end investors. FIN|SIGHT allows you to automate the management of your target market data and oversight of your distributors. Our solution ensures that your risk functions are mitigating distributor risk while your front office functions are focused on growing your business.

Makes managing Target Market Data Simple

FIN|SIGHT allows you to centralise and manage your target market data in one location. Control over your target market data is given via 4 eyes principle, audit trails, reporting and EMT dissemination. The platform is accessible by distributors so that data can be exchanged (sales, negative target market, agreements, complaints…). FIN|SIGHT gives users alerts and notifications to ensure that target market data is being reviewed and kept up to date.

Makes Distributor Due Diligence Simple

Conducting initial and ongoing due diligence on a large number of fund distributors is a time-consuming task. FIN|SIGHT lets you automate due diligence processes, including online questionnaires, sanctions screening and risk rating which can significantly increase efficiency while, simultaneously reducing operational risks.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance of Distributor Oversight

Asset managers who outsource distribution are responsible for selecting distributors and the ongoing monitoring of their activities. FIN|SIGHT implements a consistent and robust risk-based approach towards Distribution Oversight. Thus, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while mitigating risk on the asset managers distribution network.

Improves Distributor Reporting

FIN|SIGHT breaks down sales and holding data via dashboard, KPI and ad hoc reporting. This gives asset managers powerful insights into their distribution network which allows distribution networks to be revised, expanded or scaled down. Furthermore, 4 eyes implementation within FIN|SIGHT allows the full oversight process to be evidenced to regulators via reports.

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  • Customisable dashboard, alerts, notifications, KPIs and reports
  • Transparent and complete view of distribution network
  • Manage Target Market data
  • Negative Target Market reporting
  • Document management
  • Document dissemination and collection (EMT, Questionnaires, Agreements…)
  • Document comparison (questionnaire, financial reports…)
  • Standard as well as customizable online questionnaires and workflows
  • Integrated sanctions screening via major risk intelligence providers
  • Risk rating of distributors
  • Integrated electronic signature
  • Portal for distributors to provide sales data, negative target market, complaints...
  • Audit trails and 4 eyes control
Main Benefits
  • Control and evidence of target market and distributor oversight
  • Mitigation of distribution risk
  • Application of best market practices
  • Consolidation of distributor data on a single digital platform
  • Improved relationships with distributors and regulators
  • Increase availability of employee time that can be spent on more valuable activities
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