Manage fees and commissions in real time with ease

Manages commissions and rebates for any size company regardless of how complex your requirements are

Because there are so many variables tied into Retrocessions/Trailer Fee calculations, they typically consume large amounts of time with few guarantees that they are accurate. When you consider that Retrocession payments are often the largest single cost to the management of a Fund, it is vital that they are managed properly.

With RCP you can manage your most complex commission schemes with ease, accurately and with maximum transparency. That is a big promise but RCP has delivered time and time again for small and large organisations alike.

RCP streamlines Retrocession and Trailer fee calculations

RCP fully automates the process and negates the need for large administrative overhead. It gives flexibility to something that is infamously inflexible, whilst also providing transparent and accurate information to management whenever it is needed.

FinSoft has implemented RCP for Fund Management companies and Fund Service Providers alike. It is a robust software application that can be customised to suit a diverse range of needs.

  • Management of the distribution network and agreements with the ability to handle any standard and special conditions
  • Real time calculation engine featuring a rich library of flexible calculation formulas
  • Disaggregation of ICSD and Omnibus account positions
  • Automatic import of custodian statements and allocation of positions
  • Flexible and automated payment workflow
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Calculation and reconciliation of transactions, positions and assets
  • Large choice of standard reports as well as an integrated reporting cube accessible by all major BI tools

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Main Benefits
  • Automate your retrocession/rebate process
  • Configure the workflow to your specific requirements
  • Extend your ability to calculate increasingly complex calculations
  • Support Multiple TA’s, multiple currencies across multiple regions
  • Calculate and pay distributors quickly after period end
  • Routinely correct errors and make recalculations
  • Be MiFID II compliant

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Our Software is “Made in Luxembourg”

Luxembourg is the world’s largest financial center for cross-border distribution of investment funds.

We employ a multi-national team of fund industry experts and work in close cooperation with our clients and partners.

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