Know Your Distributors

With Serenity


The ideal tool for automated Distributor Due Diligence by Fund Managers

Conducting initial and ongoing due diligence on a large number of fund distributors is a time-consuming task. Serenity lets you automate due diligence processes, including the creation, dispatching and evaluation of online questionnaires, which can significantly increase efficiency while, similtaneously reducing operational risks.

Makes Distributor Onboarding Simple

Serenity’s Digital Onboarding of Fund Distributors eliminates the pain of traditional manual onboarding processes through automation, improved User Experience and reduced costs. Hence, Serenity persuades Distributors to embrace its Digital Onboarding experience and considerably reduces time-to-market.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance of Distributor Oversight

Fund Managers who outsource distribution are responsible for selecting distributors and the ongoing monitoring of their activities. Serenity implements a consistent and robust risk-based approach towards Distribution Oversight. Thus, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while mitigating risk on the Fund Managers’ distribution network.

Main Benefits

  • Control and evidence of distributor oversight
  • Mitigation of distribution risk
  • Application of best market practices
  • Consolidation of distributor data on a single digital platform
  • Improved relationships with distributors
  • Increase availability of employee time that can be spent on more valuable activities


  • Standard as well as customizable Online Questionnaires and Workflows
  • Customisable Dashboard
  • Integrated Electronic Signature
  • Integrated with major Risk Intelligence Providers
  • Risk rating of distributors
  • Integrated Document Management System
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