F|S Oversight

F|S Oversight

F|S Oversight helps automation & monitoring of oversight of counterparties

We know that there is no silver bullet than can solve all the pain points experienced by management companies, central administration companies, distributors and alike. This is why our solutions are designed from inception to solve major pain points and then we work with our clients to continuously develop our solutions so that the scope of pain points covered grows with every release we make to our software. Our clients are agile and so are we. We regularly deploy updates to our software.

We also know that there is no such thing as one size fits all, that is why our solutions are developed from inception with flexibility in mind. This allows core functionalities to be adapted specifically to our client needs.

F|S Oversight has been designed for investment fund managers: ManCos & AIFMs, in response to CSSF Circular 18/698.

Our powerful RegTech solution for stakeholder oversight and compliance allows investment fund managers to:

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A stakeholder can be a distributor, transfer agent, portfolio manager, individual investor, UBO, etc. Our solution allows you to apply a risk-based approach to any entity to which you have outsourced or delegated activity.

Investment fund managers who use our solution perform their stakeholder oversight in one application. This makes evidencing compliance EASY.

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FS Oversight