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About us

Founded in 1999, Fin|Soft makes software for the fund industry. Headquartered in the center of Europe and attracting the best talent from around the world, we serve an impressive list of international clients, including management companies, central administration companies, and distributors.


Located in Luxembourg

Team of 15 experts

20 years experience


F|S Commissions

Automated calculation of commissions and fees for the fund industry

Used by Fund Service Providers, Platforms, Fund Managers, Custodians, Investment Advisors, and other financial professionals.

Key Features

  • Automated Calculations
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Customizable Templates and agreements
  • Real-time calculation and reporting
  • Scalability: Already scales to the largest Fund Promoters on the market
  • Integration Capabilities: Full STP, API and load capabilities
  • Audit Trail and 4 eyes
  • Multi-office support
  • Friendly browser interface



  • Cost Savings
  • Error free
  • Time Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Data Security
  • Deployed on the cloud or on premise


By adopting F|S Commissions, firms in the fund industry can significantly streamline their commission and fee calculations, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency.

F|S Oversight

General Features

  • Browser based User-Friendly Interface
  • Cloud-Based: Hosted by PSF 


Key Features

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Workflow Automation
  • User definable Entities
  • Pre-defined Golden Source
  • All-in-one Platform

AML Features

  • AML Compliance Reports:  Automatically generates necessary documentation for regulatory audits.
  • Watchlist Screening: Checks parties against global watchlists for sanctions, PEPs, and other risk factors.
  • User-friendly interface for dealing with screening hits


KYC Features

  • Pre-Configured data-points per Entity type
  • Pre-Configured and pre-populated questionnaire to facilitate gathering data
  • User-friendly interface for scrutinizing information
  • Automated and manual Risk Profiling
  • Facilitates Risk Assessment and verification


  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Audit Trails and 4 eyes: Maintains comprehensive logs of all activities for accountability and transparency.


Integration and Support

  • API Support: Easily integrates with other tools and platforms
  • Data import and export: through dynamic excel templates


Finsoft Oversight software aims to be a comprehensive solution for fund management, AML compliance, KYC procedures, and risk assessment.

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