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Empowering the Fund Industry with Specialized Calculation and Oversight Software Solutions.

Our Solutions

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F|S Fees & Commissions

F|S Fees & Commissions enables you to track the calculation of payables and receivables in real-time, producing relevant payments, invoices, statements, credit notes and reports for distributors, suppliers, clients, investors, and more.



Elevate your commission management processes to maintain control and uphold the efficiency of your sales operations.

Effective commission management is essential for fostering motivation within your sales network and appropriately compensating them for services provided on your behalf. In the intricate landscape of various sales agreements, currencies, and counterparts, ensuring accurate and timely commission payments poses a challenge. Optimize your workflow by automating real-time commission calculations through this module.



Upgrade your financial operations with

precision and efficiency, ensuring accuracy in your financial transactions and facilitating a transparent financial workflow.

The seamless generation of invoices, credit notes, and payments is indispensable to guarantee the accurate and timely processing of all payables and receivables in a transparent manner. This module empowers you to monitor payables and receivables in real-time, providing the flexibility to make corrections if new data alters already processed transactions.



Enhance your financial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your fee structures.

Efficient fee management is crucial for maintaining financial transparency and ensuring appropriate compensation for services provided or received. In the dynamic landscape of diverse financial transactions, currencies, and counterparties, precision in fee collection or payment becomes crucial. Streamline your financial processes by automating real-time tracking and calculation of fees through this module.



Boost your financial operations with precision and efficiency, guaranteeing accuracy in transactions and fostering a transparent financial workflow.

Ensuring transparency for both external and internal stakeholders hinges on effective reporting. The creation of comprehensive, timely, and precise reports is a cornerstone for meeting the expectations of stakeholders. Leverage the capabilities of this reporting module to provide clear visibility into all your payables and receivables. 

Types of Fees & Commissions

Product related:

  • Administration fees.

  • Advisory fees.

  • Custodian fees.

  • Management fees.

  • Risk management fees.

  • Transfer agent fees.

  • Performance-based fees​.

  • Entry / Exit fees.


Partner commissions:​

  • Rebates.

  • Retrocessions.

  • Trailer fees.

  • Agency fees.

Calculation Methods

  • Calculations based on volumes.

  • Calculations based on holdings.

  • Calculations based on transactions.

  • Calculations based on thresholds.

  • Calculations based on rates.

  • Tiered and stepped calculations.

  • Calculations based on frenquency.

  • Calculations based on reinvestments.

  • Calcualtions based on trade basis.

  • Calculations based on averages (i.e. daily average, daily median, etc.)

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate calculations.

  • Processing of corrections.

  • Simulations of past and future events.

  • Reduced errors.

  • Flexible parameters and calculations methodologies.

  • Transparency and traceability of all calculations.

  • Real time calculations and reporting.

  • ​Standard and ad-hoc reports.

  • E-mail engine for reports, payments and invoices.

  • Import of data from various sources and formats.

  • Multi-office and multi-currency support.

  • Handle large volumes.

  • Workflows.

  • Audit trails and 4-eyes.

Problem solved

Numerous organizations currently store data in Excel sheets, shared drives, and Outlook, or employ dedicated software solutions that lack seamless integration. This not only results in considerable challenges for reconciliation and reporting but also gives rise to issues specifically related to generating accurate calculations. The disjointed nature of these systems hampers precision and efficiency in the calculation processes, adding complexity to the overall data management landscape.

F|S Fees & Commissions reduces:​

  • Cost associated to manual processes.

  • Calculation errors.

  • Reporting errors.

  • Late payments.

  • The need for multiple external applications.

  • The need to reconcile or retrieve data stored in separate applications, excel sheets, etc.

  • The lack of visibility on calculations.

  • The need to produce reports manually.

  • The requirement to input the same data into several systems.

  • The likelihood of staff deviating from established procedures.

  • Difficulty to scale processes.


  • Automated calculations.

  • Real-time calculations and reporting.

  • Customisable calculations and flexible parameters.

  • Automated reports, payments and invoices.

  • Backdated changes to calculations, payments and invoices.

  • Distribution of reports, payments and invoices.

  • Multi-office and multi-currency.

  • Excel imports / exports and full STP, API and load capabilities.

  • Customisable report engine. Reports in excel or PDF.​​

  • Unlimited source system configuration.

  • Unlimited level of counterparty and accounts.

  • Audit trail & 4-eyes.

  • Workflows& detailed user access management.

  • Interfaces wth common accounting systems and data providers including Olympic, Multifonds, Xentis, SCD, GEOS, Kordoba, Temenos, Avaloq, SAP, V3 and Diamos.

  • State of the art user interface.

  • Single sign-on.

  • Physical and logical data separation.

F|S Oversight

F|S Oversight is a governance and compliance solution which centralizes data and enhances your AML / KYC framework.



Elevate your data management capabilities and stay in control.

External Operations

Ensure oversight of entities, individuals, and assets. Seamlessly store and track data on delegates, service providers, funds, assets, investors, directors, PEPs, UBOs, and more.

Internal Operations

Track prospects, internal projects, trainings, regulatory filings, policies, procedures, and more with ease.



Timely execution of tasks is pivotal for the seamless operation of any business.


It is imperative to monitor deadlines and identify the accountable party for each task, whether it pertains to internal or external operations. Harness the power of workflows, tasks, reminders, and reports to efficiently manage your workload. Stay in control and on top of your responsibilities through our integrated system designed to enhance your task management processes, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow.



Stay compliant effortlessly with our comprehensive and customizable solution.

Daily screening of entities, individuals, and assets has become a global regulatory requirement. Enhance your AML / KYC processes with automated daily screening and receive detailed reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Our system offers seamless API integrations with World-Check, Cleversoft, and ComplyAdvantage, and additional integrations are, of course, possible.



Efficiently collecting and exchanging data with external stakeholders such as service providers, clients, and investors is a vital component of successful business operations.


Utilize user-friendly online digital forms and portals to seamlessly gather both static and dynamic data, including documents. Streamline the processing of documents, questionnaires, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effortlessly.

Features & Benefits

F|S Oversgiht allows you to follow the whole lifecycle, from onboarding to the end of a relationship, of clients, delegates, service providers,funds, investors, employees and more:

  • Central database of clients, funds, investors and more.

  • Comprehensive onboarding and ongoing due diligence. Including KPIs.

  • Automated Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

  • Deadline monitoring.

  • Automated reporting, tasks and workflows.

  • Track projects, meetings, internal trainings.

  • Customizable risk-based approach to AML /KYC.

Problem solved

Many organizations are currently storing data in excel sheets, shared drives and outlook. Others are using dedicated pieces of software that do not communicate with each other. This causes significant reconciliation and reporting issues.

F|S Oversight (FSO) reduces:

  • The need for multiple external applications.

  • The need to reconcile or retrieve data stored in separate applications, excel sheets, etc.

  • The lack of visibility on projects, trainings, meetings, deadlines and tasks.

  • The need to produce reports manually.

  • The requirement to input the same data into several systems.

  • The likelihood of staff deviating from established procedures.


  • Report engine.

  • Customizable database.

  • Document Management System (DMS).

  • Excel Imports / Exports.

  • Data collection via digital forms. Including questionnaires and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Tasks, workflows and reminders.

  • Digital Signatures.

  • Scoring.

  • Risk Management.

  • Due diligence reports.

  • Adverse Media & Santion Screening. Via Word-Check, Cleversoft and ComplyAdvantage. New integrations possible.

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Management Companies (ManCos) & Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs)
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''Finsoft is always providing assistance in order to enhance customize processes. The communication with our main contacts is quick and uncomplicated. Our enquires are responded to quickly and requests for improvement are taken seriously and have already been partially implemented. We are looking forward to a further cooperation.''


''F|S Fees & Commissions is the perfect software solution we needed. Its assistance has significantly enhanced and customized our processes. Quick and uncomplicated communication with our main contacts ensures prompt responses to our inquiries. Finsoft takes improvement requests seriously, with some already implemented. We look forward to continued cooperation.''


“We confidently recommend Finsoft for Due Diligence, KYC, AML, and Database Golden Source solutions. They deliver on their promises and provide a reliable foundation for our compliance efforts.”

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About Finsoft

Established in 1999, Finsoft specializes in crafting cutting-edge software for the fund industry. With our headquarters strategically located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, and a team comprising top talent from around the globe, we proudly cater to a distinguished clientele. Our clients include management companies, service providers, PSFs, consultants, and law firms, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions on an international scale.

Our Management Team

With the support of a highly experienced and skilled team, Mark, Helder, and Gregory spearhead Finsoft's products and services.

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